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Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade

Learn about Yellow Jade with its crystal meanings and uses, along with it's metaphysical and healing properties

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Yellow Jade: 

Good luck  ~  Positivity  ~  Financial Wealth  ~  Recovery from illness  ~  Emotional Upsets

Emotional Balance  ~  Joy. ~  Happiness ~  Contentment

Chakra: Solar Plexus     Colour: Dark Yellow

Element: Fire      Crystal System: Tetragonal      Hardness: 6.5

Traditional Healing Properties

Yellow Jasper is a stone of Travel and Protection making it an excellent choice to keep on your car keys. It is a great stone for making you feel better about yourself. Stimulating the solar plexus makes it a good choice for issues regarding your digestion. By expelling negative emotions, Yellow Jasper is a good choice for those who experience nervous tension. For those who get embarrased easily, Yellow Jaspar can help with those pink flushes that appear from time to time. When you are in need of making new friendships, Yellow Jasper can help. It also allows you to complete all those tasks that you keep putting off until another time. A great choice for astral travel as it protects you during meditation. Animal healing benefits from the use of this stone in layouts. 

Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • Create a crystal drink by soaking this crystal in spring water over night. Drink this daily when you need to boost your immune system, especially after a recent illness.
  • Place over the sacral chakra to ease bloating 
  • Use in layouts to help with conditions of the liver and gall bladder
  • Wear around your neck to ease indigestion or relieve nausea
  • Good choice to use in animal healing, place in amongst bedding or create a crystal water for those with a nervous disposition
  • Carry with you and touch regularly to ease anxiety and release worries
  • Keep close to your body if you are someone who is self conscious or gets embarrassed easily. 
  • Carry with you when you want to make new friendships.
  • Place on the 3rd eye during meditation to aid with astral travel. 
  • Rub a small tumblestone up and down legs to increase circulation