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White Aventurine

White Aventurine

WHITE AVENTURINE: White Aventurine sparkles due to the mica within it. This stone is related to the crown chakra and helps us to recognise our own flaws. It is a good choice for eyes and is thought to improve vision. It is often called the mirror of the soul. It is a good choice for improving poor sleep patterns and combats sleep disorders. It is a good nurtuer and helps one to show compasion to ourselves and others.


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White Aventurine Tumble Stone,. (LARGE - 30mm)

Product no.: TB-WAV-L__05-NC-A

£5.00 *
Stock level: 5

White Aventurine Tumble Stone,. (X-LARGE - 40mm)

Product no.: TB-WAV-XL__05-NC-A

£8.00 *
Stock level: 8
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