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Metaphysical Healing Properties of Unakite: 

Calming  ~  Anger  ~  Inner Turmoil  ~  Electromagnetic Smog  ~ Clarity ~ Self Worh

Past Life Recall  ~  Psychic Development  ~ Understanding  ~  Confidence  ~  Conflict

Chakra: Heart     Colour: Green and Pink

Element: Fire        Crystal System: Amorphous      Hardness: 6 - 7



Traditional Healing Properties

Unakite is a stone of the heart chakra and is an excellent choice for aiding recovery from illness. It brings clarity of mind and promotes focus allowing us to rebirth ourselves at a time of need. Anger is dispersed when holding onto this stone, dispelling the need to seek vengence on a situation. Said to be helpful against electromagnetic smog. As this stone improves confidence, it also enhances our self worth. This is a good choice of stone for grounding following meditation. Unakite allows you to get to the source of a problem highlighting the cause of any blockages. This makes it a very useful stone to use when healing. Panic attacks can be alleviated by using this stone. If you have a situation where you are feeling lost and don't know where to make a start, then this stone can help to highlight a way forward.

Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • Place under your pillow when you are tying to concieve a pregnancy.
  • Keep close to you to aid recovery from illness
  • Hold on your heart chakra to release anger and stop yourself or anyone else seeking vengence
  • Place next to your phone or computer to stop electromagnetic smog
  • Place between your feet when you need to ground quickly following meditation
  • Hold in your hand during meditation when seeking out the source of a problem or blockage
  • Keep in your hand and blow into the stone to reduce panic attacks
  • Use a unakite pendulum when you want to heal or activate the heart chakra
  • Keep on your desk when you need to focus at work
  • Keep close to your heart chakra when you need a boost of self confidence
  • Place behind he left ear to heal any past life issues

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Unikite Tumble Stone, (MEDIUM)

Product no.: TB-UNA-M__25-NC-A

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Stock level: 23

Unakite Carved Laughing Buddha 55mm 'Max'

Product no.: BD-UNA-Max__06-BM24-S

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Stock level: 8

Unikite Meditation Heart 45mm 'AVAE'

Product no.: MH-UNA-AVAE__06-HM48-A

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Stock level: 6

Unakite Chip Healing Bracelet 'ROWAN'

Product no.: JB-UNA-ROWAN__27-NC-A

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Stock level: 19

Unakite Sphere - 35mm 'CERIDWEN'

Product no.: SP-UNA-CERIDWEN__20-UC-S

£8.24 *
Stock level: 3

Unakite Gemstone Crystal Egg 50mm 'SHER'

Product no.: EG-UNA-SHER__06-EM36-S

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Stock level: 7

Unikite Tumble Stone (SMALL)

Product no.: TB-UNA-S__25-UC-A

£1.50 *
Stock level: 30

New Unakite Mini Collectable Egg 'Jamey'

Product no.: ME-UNA-Jamey__27-UC-A

£4.50 *
Stock level: 1

New Unakite Thumbstone or Pocket Stone 'Roberta'

Product no.: TS-UNA-ROBERTA

£6.30 *
Stock level: 4

Unakite Frog 50mm 'MERTLE'

Product no.: FR-UNA-MERTLE__25-61005007-A

£12.60 *
Stock level: 4

Unakite Hex Wand 100mm 'MERRY'

Product no.: WD-UNA-MERRY__20-UC-A

£27.00 *
Stock level: 1

Unakite Hex Wand 60mm 'MARALYN'

Product no.: WD-UNA-MARALYN__20-UC-A

£7.56 *
Stock level: 2

Unakite Worrystone Keyring 'HILDA'

Product no.: KR-UNA-HILDA__25-UC-L

£3.60 *
Stock level: 3

Unakite Carved Lucky Chinese Dragon 50mm 'SPIMKIN'

Product no.: DR-UNA-SPIMKIN__03-CD24-A

£18.00 *
Stock level: 7
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