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Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Tiger Eye: 

Protection from Ill Wishers  ~  Creativity  ~  Clarity  ~  Harmony

Energy  ~  Willpower  ~  Cravings  ~  Stamina  ~  Hormonal Balance

Chakra: Solar Plexus     Colour: Brown

Element: Fire       Crystal System: Hexagonal      Hardness: 7

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Tiger Eye Tumble Stone, (MEDIUM 20mm)

Product no.: TB-TIE-M__27-UC-A

£2.50 *

New Tiger Eye Wand Dowsing Pendulum 'TORY'

Product no.: DP-TIE-TORY__57-NC-EB

£21.60 *
Stock level: 1

Tiger Eye Chip Healing Bracelet 'BELA'

Product no.: JB-TIE-BELA__06-GB53-A

£2.16 *
Stock level: 4

Tiger Eye Leo Chipped Bracelets 'ABE'

Product no.: JB-TIE-ABE__25-BS33-A

£3.60 *
Stock level: 5

Tigers Eye Thumbstone or Pocket Stone 'HEMAL'

Product no.: TS-TIE-HEMAL__06-TH27-A

£7.20 *
Stock level: 2

Tiger Eye Dropper Earrings 'PIA'

Product no.: JE-TIE-PIA__34-E097-09-07-S

£42.85 *
Stock level: 1

Tiger Eye Crystal Egg 55mm 'ORBISON'

Product no.: EG-TIE-ORBISON

£21.60 *
Stock level: 6

Tiger Eye Greetings Card with Gemstone Tumblestone

Product no.: GC-TIE-TB__06-UC-A

£3.50 *
Stock level: 19

Tiger Eye Crystal Angel 50mm 'TRISH'

Product no.: BA-TIE-TRISH

£18.00 *
Stock level: 7

Tiger Eye Dropper Earrings 'MELANIE'

Product no.: JE-TIE-MELANIE__00-UC-L

£10.44 *
Stock level: 1

Tiger Eye Square Dropper Earrings 'ELLEN'

Product no.: JE-TIE-ELLEN__10-UC-S

£20.46 *
Stock level: 1

Tiger Eye Bedside Angel 60mm 'LIZ'

Product no.: BA-TIE-LIZ__06-AL16-PW

£27.00 *
Stock level: 11

New Tiger Eye Round Silver Dropper Earrings 'KANUE'

Product no.: JE-TIE-KANUE__48-UC-S

£24.85 *

Tiger Eye Bedside Angel 90mm 'ACTON'

Product no.: BA-TIE-ACTON__06-AX16-EB

£72.00 *
Stock level: 6

TIGER EYE Lucky Buddha 50mm 'Elsie'

Product no.: BD-TIE-Elsie__06-BM23-A

£28.80 *
Stock level: 7

Natural Tiger Eye Specimen 35 - 40mm 'YELLOW RIVER'

Product no.: NC-TIE-YELLOWRIVER__27-UC-A

£2.39 *
Stock level: 12

Tiger Eye Heart Pendant 'YANTO'

Product no.: JP-TIE-YANTO__27-V1-A

£42.81 *
Stock level: 1

New Tiger Eye Teardrop Pendant 'PRINGLE'

Product no.: JP-TIE-PRINGLE

£60.85 *
Stock level: 1

Large Tiger Eye Ganesh 75mm 'BHADANTA'

Product no.: GN-TIE-BHADANTA__10-UC-S

£70.20 *
Stock level: 1

Tiger Eye Puff Heart 25mm with Pouch 'KAY'

Product no.: PH-TIE-KAY__06-HSB7-L

£6.66 *

Tigers Eye Worrystone Keyring 'GILLY'

Product no.: KR-TIE-GILLY__25-UC-A

£5.00 *
Stock level: 1

Red Tigers Eye Worrystone Keyring 'ROETS'

Product no.: KR-RTE-ROETS__25-UC-A

£5.00 *
Stock level: 1

Tiger Eye Pocket Guardian Angel 30mm 'BELINDA'

Product no.: GA-TIE-BELINDA__06-AS16-A

£8.46 *
Stock level: 3

New Natural Tiger Eye Crystal Specimen 'YELLOW RIVER'


£5.40 *
Stock level: 1
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