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RubY in Zoisite

Ruby in Zoisite

RUBY IN ZOISITE: Ruby in Zoisite is thought to promote fertility. It discourages laziness and promotes vigour and optimism. It is a good stone for the heart chakra and encourages one to be individual and allows one's true self to emerge. It is a stone to help you follow your true path in life and breaks ties to the past that are no longer purposeful. It is good for asthma and disorders of the blood.

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Ruby in Zoisite Buddha 50mm 'Femme'

Product no.: BD-RIZ-Femme__06-BM19-EB

£27.00 *
Stock level: 6

Ruby in Zoisite Tumblestone 'SMALL 10mm'

Product no.: TB-RIZ-S__10-UC-A

£3.00 *
Stock level: 2

New Ruby in Zoisite Crystal Skull 'FAE'

Product no.: SK-RIZ-FAE

£34.20 *
Stock level: 7
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