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Rose Quartz *

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Learn about Rose Quartz and its crystal meanings and uses, along with it's metaphysical and healing properties.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Rose Quartz: 

Unconditional Love  ~  Worry  ~  Fear  ~  Emotional Wounds  ~  Spiritual Work

Calming  ~  Inner Turmoil  ~  Anger  ~  Resentment  ~  Trust

Chakra: Higher Heart     Colour: Pink

Element: Water      Crystal System: Hexagonal      Hardness: 7

Traditional Healing Properties

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love, for both oneself and others. Others would include our partners, children, family, pets, animals, plants and the earth itself. Fear is reduced when carrying this lovely soft pink stone. Emotional wounds are healed allowing us to trust in love again. The entire auric field is bathed in love when using Rose Quartz. Tension and stress are released due to the soothing vibrations, whilst anger and resentment disperse gently. Hope is allowed to come to the surface as our faith in ourselves are restored. Rose Quartz allows for self forgiveness and forgiveness in others. Healing can take place on an emotional level following any kind of abuse either to the self or from others. Rose Quartz helps us to reconcile our differences with others. The grieving process is made easier following the loss of a loved one, but especially a mother

Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • Rose quartz can be used in fertility magic, they are included in our Fertility Enhancing Crystals.
  • Place a Rose Quartz Heart over a pregnant uterus to promote mother child bonding and produce a loving environment for your unborn child to grow
  • Place two chunks of Rose Quartz on the inside of your doorways to give the home a loving feeling as you or visitors enter your home.
  • Use a Rose Quartz wand to shower your walls with love energy
  • If you are feeling unloved. Place a rose quartz skull with the eye sockets facing you. Sit in front of it for 10 mins each day and visualize it blasting you with self love.
  • Place a Rose Quartz angel in a child's room to promote love and angelic protection during rest and sleep times.
  • Lay on the floor and place three Rose Quartz tumblestones around your head, one on the top and one either side of your ears when you need to forgive others.
  • Place a Rose Quartz palmstone on your heart chakra when you need to feel loved a little more.
  • Wear a Rose Quartz bracelet when you need to heal from emotional upsets.
  • Keep a Rose Quartz thumbstone in your pocket and press your thumb into it when you need to release anger or resentment
  • Give the tummy a rub on a Rose Quartz Buddha when you want to attract a new love into your life

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Moldavite and Rose Quartz Heart Pendant 'Ainsley'

Product no.: JP-MOL-Ainsley__23-NC-S

£125.65 *
Stock level: 1

New Rose Quartz Tumble Stone, (MEDIUM - 20mm)

Product no.: TB-ROQ-M__27-UC-LC

£2.50 *
Stock level: 25

Rose Quartz with Moldavite Pendant 'ALLISON'

Product no.: JP-ROQ-ALLISON__23-NC-A

£28.45 *
Stock level: 1

Rose Quartz Chakra Hex Wand 175mm 'KAITLYN'

Product no.: WD-ROQ-KAITLYN__13-UC-S

£66.60 *
Stock level: 1

Rose Quartz Silver Dropper Double Terminated Earrings 'ANDREA'

Product no.: JE-ROQ-ANDREA__25-NC-A

£36.55 *
Stock level: 1

New Rose Quartz Wand Pendulum 'CHARLIEN'

Product no.: DP-ROQ-CHARLIEN__06-JDSD-A

£21.60 *
Stock level: 2

Rose Quartz Angel Pendant on a free thong 'PETAL'

Product no.: JP-ROQ-PETAL__19-NC-EB11

£10.73 *
Stock level: 6

New Rose Quartz Chipped Bracelet 'KAT'

Product no.: JB-ROQ-KAT

£2.70 *

Star Rose Quartz Sphere 60mm 'MACIE'

Product no.: SP-ROQ-MACIE__38-UC-S

£51.48 *
Stock level: 1

Rose Quartz Obelisk 148mm 'SHONAL'

Product no.: OB-ROQ-SHONAL__05-NC-S

£136.80 *
Stock level: 1

Star Rose Quartz Sphere 70mm with Rainbows 'HILARY'

Product no.: SP-ROQ-HILARY__05-UC-S

£331.20 *
Stock level: 1

Rose Quartz Tumble Stone (SMALL - 10mm)

Product no.: TB-ROQ-S

£1.50 *
Stock level: 4

Rose Quartz Tumble Stone,. (LARGE - 30mm)

Product no.: TB-ROQ-L__25-UC-A

£4.00 *
Stock level: 5

Rose Quartz Angel Pendant 'SHEMAR'

Product no.: JP-ROQ-SHEMAR__27-UC-A

£3.78 *
Stock level: 4

New Rose Quartz Crystal Skull 50mm 'BOO'

Product no.: SK-ROQ-BOO

£23.40 *
Stock level: 1

New Rose Quartz LOVE Heart Pendant 'Zozia'

Product no.: JP-ROQ-ZOZIA

£3.78 *
Stock level: 9

Rose Quartz Wire Wrapped Pendant 'CHESTER'

Product no.: JP-ROQ-CHESTER__20-UC-A

£3.78 *
Stock level: 16

Rose Quartz Bracelet 'Taurus'

Product no.: JB-ROQ-TAURUS__06-NZ04-A

£3.78 *
Stock level: 4

Rose Quartz Dancing Dolphins Pendant 'ECHO'

Product no.: JP-ROQ-ECHO__20-UC-L

£28.45 *
Stock level: 1

Rose Quartz Drop Pendant sterling silver 'DIDDLE'

Product no.: JP-ROQ-DIDDLE__10-UC-S

£64.88 *
Stock level: 1

Rose Quartz Round Pendant 'CLARIS'

Product no.: JP-ROQ-CLARIS__10-UC-S

£85.69 *
Stock level: 1

Rose Quartz Crystal Angel 45mm 'KIKA'

Product no.: BA-ROQ-KIKA

£14.40 *

New Rose Quartz Taurus Bracelet 'CEINWYN'

Product no.: JB-ROQ-CEINWYN

£3.60 *
Stock level: 9

Rose Quartz Angel Pendant 'AGNES'

Product no.: JP-ROQ-AGNES__27-UC-A

£17.65 *
Stock level: 3

Rose Quartz TAURUS Heart Pendant

Product no.: JP-ROQ-TAURUS

£3.78 *
Stock level: 5

Rose Quartz Freeform Free Standing Palmstone 'ANGEL'

Product no.: PS-ROQ-ANGEL__38-UC-A

£46.80 *
Stock level: 1

Rose Quartz Lamp 2.5 - 3kg 'LOVING DREAMS'


£90.00 *
Stock level: 1

Rose Quartz Carved Crystal Lucky Buddha 50mm 'Aero'

Product no.: BD-ROQ-Aero__06-BM18-LC

£19.80 *
Stock level: 1

Rose Star Quartz Sphere 60mm 'Karron'

Product no.: SP-ROQ-Karron__38-NC-A

£67.00 *
Stock level: 1

Rose Quartz Polished Flame Point 'CANDYFLOWER'

Product no.: NC-ROQ-CANDYFLOWER__27-V1-EBS

£97.20 *
Stock level: 1

Pair of Love Hearts in Keepsake Pouch

Product no.: PH-LOVESTONES__06-HSB1-2-A

£8.24 *
Stock level: 2

Large Rose Quartz Lucky Pig 'PERKY'

Product no.: PG-ROQ-PERKY__25-61005007-A

£12.60 *
Stock level: 2

Rose Quartz Drilled Tumblestone Pendant 'PIPPAKINS'

Product no.: JP-ROQ-PIPPAKINS__46-JE100ROS-A

£3.78 *
Stock level: 10

Rose Quartz Love Token Gift Set 'EVIE'

Product no.: JB-ROQ-EVIE__19-MIN17-A

£6.12 *
Stock level: 21

Rose Quartz in Sterling Silver Round Ring size O 'DONNA'

Product no.: JR-ROQ-DONNA__57-UC-S

£60.85 *
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