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PIETERSITE: Pietersite is a stone that activated a unification of the solar plexus and the third eye. This combination brings about strength of will power thus increasing the likelihood of achievement. This is sometimes called the tempest stone as its energy feels like the electricity of a thunder storm. Good for concentration, decision making and strengthening the aura. It is a good choice for growth, hypertension, asthma and chronic fatigue..

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Pietersite Tumble Stone, (MEDIUM - 20mm)

Product no.: TB-PIE-M__25-UC-A

£4.00 *
Stock level: 28

Pietersite Tumble Stone (SMALL -10mm)

Product no.: TB-PIE-S__25-UC-A

£2.00 *
Stock level: 9

New Pietersite Ring 'TANGO'

Product no.: JR-PIE-TANGO__10-UC-S

£72.37 *
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