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Online Crystal Shop Information about Morganite:

Morganite is a lovely pink stone which resonates with the heart chakra. This is believed to be a good stone for young girls entering pubity and for those who no longer have a physical contact with their mother. It is a stone that is felt to bring compassion to the user and is a good choice for those who have been going through emotional problems. It brings piece of mind and clarity of thought when worn and halps us to express our emotional needs. It brings balance to relationships and ensures fairness to the holder. Morganite is considered to help us to be less judgemental of others and show an understanding towards others needs. It is believed to help us cope through relationship breakups.


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Morganite Natural Tumblestone MEDIUM - 20mm

Product no.: TB-MOR-M__21-NC-A

£6.00 *
Stock level: 1

Morganite Natural Tumblestone LARGE - 30mm

Product no.: TB-MOR-L__21-NC-A

£8.00 *
Stock level: 1

Morganite Natural Tumblestone X-LARGE - 30mm

Product no.: TB-MOR-XL__21-NC-A

£10.99 *
Stock level: 2
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