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Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian

MAHOGANY OBSIDIAN: Mahogany Obsidian is a lovely rich brown colour with black speckles. It is more rare than black obsidian and is useful for the circulation, pain relief, hypothermia, carpul tunnel syndrome and dust mite allergy. It is also thought to be good for hormonal balance and is thus good for the menopause. Thought to be good for toothache and gum disease. It is a good choice to dispel negative energy which has resulted from a build up of anger. It is also thought to attract work opportunities.

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Mahogany Obsidian Sphere 35mm 'FLASH'

Product no.: SP-MOB-FLASH__20-UC-S

£8.24 *
Stock level: 3

Mahogany Obsidian Chipped Bracelet 'ELGAR'

Product no.: JB-MOB-ELGAR__06-GB40-S

£1.80 *
Stock level: 11

Mahogany Obsidian Crystal Gemstone Egg 50mm 'PIPS'

Product no.: EG-MOB-PIPS__06-EM24-S

£9.60 *
Stock level: 8
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