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Learn about Chrysoprase with its crystal meanings and uses, along with it's metaphysical and healing properties.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Chrysoprase: 

Free Speach  ~  Honesty  ~  Sleep  ~  Hope  ~  Emotional Hurt  ~  Jealousy

Optimism  ~  Self Confidence  ~  Optimism  ~  Versatility  ~  Inner Growth

Chakra: Heart     Colour: Green

Element: Water        Crystal System: Hexagonal      Hardness: 7

Originates: Madagascar or Australia


Traditional Healing Properties

Chrysoprase is a stone of fertility and inner growth bringing abundance and prosperity to all, making it a good stone when starting a business.  It is a stone through to lift the mood bringing joy and happiness, hope and truth. Chrysoprase allows us to have self expression and can be helpful when experiencing relationship problems. A good choice of stone when you are experiencing emotional trauma as it relieves grief. It aids with the absorbion of Vit C, making it a good choice for anaemia. It promotes honesty and releases fear and bitterness. This stone helps with those who are either of a naturally jealous nature or are experiencing jealousy towards them. Useful in crystal layouts for OCD.

Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • To bring good luck, joy or happiness place in your pocket
  • Use in spells and cosmic ordering to bring abundance and prosperity
  • Keep under your pillow to wake up feelign positive and hopeful for the future
  • Keep in your office with your business plan when starting up a new business
  • Place over your heart chakra to release tension and anxiety
  • Keep a small stone under your pillow to help with sleep issues
  • Have one stone each when going through releationship problems
  • Place on the 3rd eye for a deeper meditation
  • Hold over the heart chakra to release bitterness and fear
  • Keep in a pocket and rub frequently for symptoms of OCD
  • Use in crystal layouts over the overies to promote fertility
  • Keep with you to infuse yourself with self confidence


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Chrysoprase Tumble Stone, (MEDIUM - 20mm)

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