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Healing Properties of Bustamite: This stone is thought to be a good choice as we get older and start to slow down. It is thought to regulate heart rates as well as keeping us mobile for longer. It is felt to be helpful for dealing with tumours and melanomas from within the metaphysical body. It is felt to aid relationships creating an atmosphere which encourages approachability. It is considered to provide a gentle but potent healing that helps to clear blockages in the metaphysical body. 

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Bustamite Tumble Stone, (MEDIUM - 20mm)

Product no.: TB-BUS-M__10-UC-A[1]

£27.99 *
Stock level: 3

New Flower Jasper Tumble Stone, (MEDIUM - 20mm)

Product no.: TB-FLJ-M

£2.50 *
Stock level: 19

New Flower Jasper Tumble Stone, (LARGE - 30mm)

Product no.: TB-FLJ-L

£4.00 *
Stock level: 9
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