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Boji Stones

Boji Stones

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Boji Stones: 

Grounding  ~  Meditation  ~ Spiritual Alignment  ~  Pain  ~  Balancing

Astral Travel  ~  Safety  ~  Protection  ~  Intuition ~. Energy Blockage Clearence

Chakra: Earth Star    Colour: Dark Brown

Element: Earth       Crystal System: Cubic      Hardness: 7.4

Boji Stones. The mysterious Boji stone is the philosopher stone of the ancient Alchemy. In wearing the Boji, you will find that as the days, months and years pass, that your body will overcome many physical distortions. Pairs of Bojis are said to be able to remove pain in minutes, they can also close up holes in the aura and balance the chakra system. Bojis come in pairs, one male and one female. Use the male on the left side of the body and the female on the right side. The greatest benefit from the Boji to man is gained in keeping it within your energy field, for, its balanced energy will intercept messages from nerve cells with messages of balance. This benefits the cells of the body in ways of healing and rejuvenating.

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New Pair of 'Alive' and living Boji Stones - Pop Rocks 20mm

Product no.: TB-POPS-BJ2__20-NC-A

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