Generator Points

Generator Quartz based crystals generally have six facets which meet at a point. The six facets represent the six lower chakras from the base upwards to the brow. The tip of the point represents the crown or seventh chakra and its link with the divine energy source.

Points or crystals can often be cloudy at the base and get clearer as they extend upwards, this would represent the potential for spiritual growth.

Flaws or occlusions can signify a period of our life when trauma has occurred.

When a crystal is completely clear it symbolises alignment and harmony, keeping a clear crystal close to you will help you to align your own energies to the spiritual realm.

Points are able to direct the energy to where you want it to go. If you want to energise your crystals, place them in the centre of approx six crystal points with all the points facing inwards. You can also place a generator point in the centre of the circle which will raise the energy within the circle. You can also use points to discharge energy, for example if you want to release negative energies, turn the point outwards so that the negative energies flows away from the area.

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