Registered Customers

Registered Customers



We want to look after our online regular customers.

Register with us today and get 20% off your first order. If you have shopped with us before as a guest, you can still register and get 20% off your first order as a registered customer. 

If you have shopped with us in the last month, you will automatically be given a 15% discount during the remainder of that month plus the next month. 

If you do not shop with us within this time, your discount level drops to 10% during the following month and 5% for the month after. 

If you do not shop with us in the three months after your purchase, you will lose your discount levels until after the next time you shop.

You can check your discount level at any time from within your account settings.


If you shopped with us on the 3rd December, you will get 15% off every order during the remainder of December plus January.

To maintain a 15% discount level, you just need to shop with us once more before the end of the month following your initial purchase

If you shop on average every two months, you are likely to get a 10% discount

If you shop with us on average every three months, you are likely to get a 5% discount

If you shop with us less than every 3 months, you will be unlikely to get a discount level unless it is your first purchase.


NB: These discounts only apply to your online account, discounts cannot be claimed instore.