We work closely with spirit during all our psychic readings. Please take time to read through the different readings available to ensure that chose the right one for you. Readings are done by Gaye, George, Nigel and Delia. We offer readings as one to one by arrangment in Thame, by skype, facetime, telephone or email.


Types of Readings

Medium Reading: This reading is done by Gaye, Delia and Nigel. Gaye has been conversing with spirit since she was a child. Medium readings will give you the reassurance and evidence of life in the spirit world. Medium readings can provide a great deal of comfort to those who have friends, relatives and loved ones in the spirit world. Gaye can sense, see, hear and feel your loved ones in the spirit world. A medium reading can give you the opportunity to reconnect and remember those happy memories of the times spent together. However, we cannot guarantee that the person you want to hear from will come through on the day as the medium has no control over who comes through. You can prepare for your reading beforehand by asking your loved ones to come and talk to us. Set your intent that you are going to have the best possible experience during your reading. 


Tarot Reading: This reading is done by Gaye, George, Nigel or Delia on the occasional weekend. Tarot readings give you a day to day reading which includes a little of your past, what you are going through now and what you can possibly expect in the future. Tarot readings can be very useful when you have every day problems such as relationship issues, love, marriage, work, financial questions etc. It allows us to look at the future that you are creating right now, if you like what we see, you know you are on the right track. If you don't like what you see, then we can look at this together. We can help you to consider what you are doing at this time to create this, then encourage you to look at alternative options that may be available to you. Thus enabling you to create the future that you want to live. We encourage you to take control of your life, gently pointing you in the right direction for you. The universe is constantly moving and as we shift our awareness and conscious thoughts, so we can change the events that happen during our journey through life.


Combination of Tarot and Mediumship: This type of reading combines both the Medium Reading which gives you evidence of your spirit family and friends still being around you as well as looking at what is happening in your own life. This is by far the most popular of our readings.

We may also include other aspects of psychic readings, such as angels, power animals, crystals, mermaids and dolphins or fairies. You can decide on the day what type of reading you wish to have. 


Life or Soul Readings: Life and Soul readings are done by Gaye, NIgel, George and Delia. This reading would be a good choice if you are feeling stuck at the moment, if you feel like you should be doing something else in life other than what you are doing now. They often challenge you to make changes, to allow you to go in the direction that your heart and soul wants to follow. They are readings that empower you, giving you direction and guidance, filling you with positivity. They often tell you what you already know deep down, but have been too afraid to make the necessary changes to move forward. This reading accesses the higher wisdom of our spirit guides and ascended masters. This reading uses all our psychic skills as well as tarot and oracle cards.


Angel Readings: This reading is done by Gaye, Nigel, Delia or George. Angel readings and similar oracle card readings are much gentler than a psychic or tarot readings. They bring messages from our Angels who always want what is best for us. They give gentle direction and inspiring answers to questions.


Crystal Readings: As we are crystal specialists, it seems quite natural to us to use them in readings. Crystals carry amazing energies and we are often drawn to what we need at any one particular time. If you have a one to one reading, you will be asked to choose the crystals that you are drawn too. The reading is then done on the crystals you choose in a similar way to you choosing tarot cards for a tarot reading. This reading can also be done by skype or facetime. If you choose this reading to be done by email, then you will be asked to choose numbers which correspond to different crystals and the reading will be done in the same way.



Angel, Tarot / Psychic or Crystal Party: If you live within a 45 mile radius of us at OX9 7DQ, we can arrange to come out to do an Angel, Tarot, Psychic or Crystal Party. This is a great idea of hen parties, baby showers, birthday parties, corporate events or just a girly get together.

Angel / Tarot Party: You need to have a minimum or six guests for an angel, tarot or psychic party. The cost is £30 per person plus £1 per mile (one way) to cover our return travel expenses  and you will all receive a 20 minute reading. For larger parties of over 10 people, we will arrange for a second reader to be present. 

Psychic Party: You must have a minimum of 4 guests, maximum of 10. The price is £175 for 3 a three hour session. A psychic party would involve a group meditation, psychic exercises / games, how to use a pendulum, questions and answer time or a medium demonstration. For larger events please ask for a quote as we would need to bring along extra psychics to entertain your guests. 

Crystal Party: You need to have a minimum of 8 guests, and we charge £1 per mile (one way) up to a 45 mile radius to cover our travel costs. We will bring along a selection of crystals and be on hand to answer all your crystal questions. We can give a talk on the crystals, chakras and how they connect to the body. 



We are available to do psychic medium readings or bring a display of crystals along to events such as MBS, Holistic Fayres, Pamper Evenings, Indulgence Evenings, School Fairs, Christmas Fairs or Gift Shows etc. 


To book 121 readings in store, please ring us on 01844 281239. Payment is taken at the time of booking.

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Orders are sent out the same day when ordered before 11am Mon - Fri. Prices include VAT